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Target Maui: How A Training Target Revealed The Military's Secret Space Surveillance Site

View a Sample Of What a Trained Technical Remote Viewer
Can Download Using Only a Pen, Paper, And His or Her Mind

By Jeff Lucas

    Every week PSI TECH provides a new assigned training target for our online TRV University students. The students are not told what their target is until after each submits his or her completed session to us, following a designated due date. The students receive only a posted eight digit random Target Reference NumberTM that has been assigned to the target cue (which keeps the process entirely "in the blind") and then each employs his or her Technical Remote Viewing training and the highly structured TRV protocols to download accurate psychically derived data for each specific target (the designated problem, person, place, thing, idea, or event) in the form of written words and sketches.

    Each target is specifically designed by our instructors to further the students' training and teach new specific Technical Remote Viewing skills. These training targets can vary from simple callibration targets such as "The Matterhorn" mountain, to far more complex problems such as the world's greatest mysteries, missing persons, historical events to complex medical problems. Students never have any idea in advance as to what the subject matter will be, from one week to the next, and they know that they should never assume anything about their targets.

Last Week's Target Of The Week [7230/9895]

    The Technical Remote Viewing data on the last Target Of The Week was so fascinating to our students that we decided to share the information with our The Signal Line readers this week. The target cue (Matrix search term) was:

"Maui's (current time) Military Equipment at Haleakala / Main Objective and Function".
    A note about this target: Although the TRV technology is highly capable and was originally created to be an militarily applied intelligence collection tool, we want to clearly state to our readers that under no uncertain terms would PSI TECH ever reveal or publish any United States national security secrets. In this article we are only publishing the remote viewing derived data that is consistent with and confirms publicly known facts about the target site, including civilian scientific research uses.

    This target was a single initial probe prepared for student training purposes. It was not a complete PSI TECH project. During a project initial reports such as the results displayed below are screened for task-related data, and new cuing (i.e., targeting instructions) is developed or refined, based upon each viewer's individual results. Depending on the complexity of the problem, often this process requires many weeks of work.

    This Target Of The Week is demonstrative of the detailed and accurate high level information that a viewer can download against a blind target (in this case a highly technical scientific site) in a single 45 minute session.

The Technical Remote Viewing Data:

    The following sketches, data and conclusions were produced by trained Technical Remote Viewers under blind conditions, against a single TRV target, prior to knowing the name or nature of the target:

"An experiment by life forms (scientists) involving a moving man made structure."

"There are life forms that are involved in a mental process about the man made structure that is on the move and spinning on and off."

"There is an Intangible having to do with space or a scientific operation and a moving target."

"NASA - Jupiter and Galileo experiment," "successful experiment."

(Click here to see accompanying Stage 6 sketch and photo.)
"Something may be moving back and forth from a planet (maybe Earth) to a distant angular or pyramidal structure. It may be symbolic."

"A system involving transportation activity of an extraterrestrial nature or involving the Earth or the people of the Earth as a whole."

"A complex delivery system designed to transport knowledge, a "thing," or energy bi-directionally, concerning a group of life forms brought together, lead and watched over by a female."

"The purpose is to advance something new, undiscovered, and involving creation." The viewer perceived the ideas of "a star," "investigating the stars," "volcano," and "Hawaii."

(Click here to see accompanying Stage 3 sketch and photo.)

"The essence of mysteries you can not believe, this is beginning to explain some mysterious process, the misintentions of those who covet." "Secretive/knowledge/planning/far-seeing/destiny/ social engineering/die-hard."
Background On The MSSS Facility

    The United States Airforce has a facility located on the summit of Maui's Haleakala volcano known as the Airforce Maui Optical Station (AMOS.) It is part of the Maui Space Surveillance Site (MSSS.) Located at AMOS is the Air Force's largest most sophisticated telescope, the 3.67 meter AEOS telescope. Administered by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, astronomers and upper atmospheric physicists are awarded opportunities to use the telescope for research purposes. Additionally at the facility there is a 1.6 meter telescope as well as dual 1.2 Meter telescopes. There is also a Laser Beam Director which was developed to illuminate and image dark sky objects. Purported experiments1 at the facility include support for tactical and strategic missile launches out of both Vandenberg and Kauai, detection and tracking of orbiital debris, observations of shuttle and special operations, and laser illumination of satellites. 1Source:

The Online TRV Community

    PSI TECH's online training facilities allow Technical Remote Viewing students to come together from all walks of life and from all corners of the world, 24 hours a day, to ask questions, receive feedback, share ideas and experiences, and utilize our support network of their peers who are all experiencing the same dramatic changes to their lives that occur to each when they first discover and learn this breakthrough problem solving tool. Our students include medical doctors, housewives, college students, engineers, lawyers, military officers, and electricians. Virtually anyone who can follow instructions and dedicate themselves to practicing the techniques can learn this skill.

    This vast community support network of students and professional trainers helps to ensure that our students not only effectively learn the TRV techniques, but, most importantly, that they incorporate their newly installed skills into their every day lives. Although some individuals occasionally come to us who simply want to have a "remote viewing experience," or just prove to themselves through self-demonstration that the technology really works, PSI TECH's goal is to develop active remote viewers who continue to practice and employ the techniques to improve the quality of their lives, find their optimum paths, and help friends and family solve problems. We're happy to note that we have online TRV students who have continuously been with us since 1996 when PSI TECH first released the first remote viewing distance learning programs. These students through intensive training, practice, and dedication, have developed professional level skills and are some of the most consistently accurate remote viewers in the world.

For more information on PSI TECH's training courses, visit our Training Page.
To view free introductory lectures on Technical Remote Viewing, visit

Update: Chinese Researchers Confirm SARS Came From Animals

September 15, 2003

    In the May 13, 2003 issue of The Signal Line entitled "SARS Origin Revealed By TRV," PSI TECH issued a Technical Remote Viewing preliminary report on the origin of the SARS virus. Click here to view the report.

    PSI TECH students were tasked with the target "The Current Outbreak of "S.A.R.S."/ Cause & Origin." This target was assigned eight random digits by PSI TECH's Director Of Training Joni Dourif, and given to the trained Technical Remote Viewers who independently used PSI TECH's specific set of rigorously applied TRV protocols to download and collect data related to the target. Prior to working the sessions, each remote viewer only received the random numbers, which serve to keep the remote viewers completely blind to the nature and subject matter of the target during the remote viewing process.

    In the May TRV report we stated,
"There are repeated references in the data by many viewers to elements of food preparation: "lots of animals," "something to do with meat processing," "what happens to an animal after death," "fried," "cooking," "restaurant," and "food." "The origin and cause of the current SARS outbreak was caused by the contamination of food related to the feeding, processing and slaughter of animals, meat products, and other elements in the surrounding environment. This was directly caused by a location where food products and people are contained and working. There is contamination by a liquid containing microorganisms, animal fluids, and feces."

    On September 4, Chinese Researchers stated that genetic testing of animals sold in a food market in Southern China confirmed that the virus did come from animals. Reuters reported that Kathryn Holmes of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, a leading expert in the field, stated that, "It's a landmark discovery."

    The virus was found in ferret badgers, raccoon-dogs, and civets that were sold in Shenzhen. Merchants at the market were also tested and it was found that 8 out of 20 wild animal workers and 3 out of 15 workers involved in animal slaughter had antibodies to the virus. On the other hand, only 5 percent of the vegetable merchants had the antibodies.

Technical Remote Viewing Applications: What Can TRV Do For Me?: When our students learn Technical Remote Viewing and realize how effective the technology is, one of their most commonly asked questions is, "How can I incorporate this skill into my every day life?"

The True History of Remote Viewing As It’s Never Been Told Before: Not a week goes by that I don't have to correct someone about PSI TECH's background and the truth about remote viewing history. Historical facts may seem silly and trite to those of us who have been TRV practitioners for many years, but as time goes by, people forget what it took to bring this remarkable technology out of the confines of the military and into public awareness.

The TRV University Online Campus: How To Access Your Live Personal Tutor: The Technical Remote Viewing University web-based training system is the culmination of years of experience and pioneering research in advanced mind technologies. The TRV U campus uses a systematized teaching approach that combines live tutoring labs lead by certified TRV instructors with a self-study video training curriculum

Imagine if You Could Do This...: Upon realizing that they have the ability to successfully remote view, every person who learns TRV is forever changed. Their paradigm is dramatically shifted and their horizons are expanded. Abilities that they had always been told were impossible are suddenly possible. Their lives will never be the same.

Lecture on Remote Viewing as a Research Tool: The following speech was given by Major General Stubblebine, an important advocate of the military use of Psi and related techniques. This took place at the International Symposium on UFO Research Sponsored by the International Association for New Science Denver, Colorado.

Technical Remote Viewing University Training Courses: The TRV University is a comprehensive web-based program that delivers unparalleled convenience, flexibility and real-time support to our students. In pursuit of basic through advanced TRV skills, students are able to earn training certifications that acknowledge successful completion of their course work.

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