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The Afterlife: "What Happens When We Die?"


    For the first time, a tool has been able to penetrate the unseen events which take place at the moment of death. We no longer have to “believe”, guess, theorize, or simply trust ancient ideas and traditions. We can now access direct knowledge. Using Technical Remote Viewing, a formerly classified intelligence collection tool, our Special Operations Team targeted the death event, specifically to determine what happens after a person dies.

    In this PSI TECH Investigates special report, we reveal the mystery of life after death. To view a free trailer, visit the following link (click here.) To see the complete report, you may order it securely online and view it directly via the internet.

    After viewing the project report, you may wish to view the individual interviews of the Special Operations Team members that worked this project, and the Team Overview video.

    “The Afterlife” is the first of a series of special investigative reports that will be available at our new web site, Our goal is to provide answers to the greatest questions, problems and mysteries which face our civilization. Return back often to see new reports and please feel free to write us and offer suggestions for new investigations.

    If you are new to PSI TECH's TRV technology, be sure to visit Professor Ideo, PSI TECH’s new interactive instructor, for informative presentations which will answer your common questions about PSI TECH and TRV.

    Does death mean the absolute end of your existence, or does it continue? Click here to find the long sought answer to this ancient mystery.

Remote Viewing Guardian Angels: Recently Jeff Lucas tasked a Technical Remote Viewer with a blind target that felt so intensely personal to her that she considers it to be the most fascinating remote viewing session she has ever worked.

Remote Viewing "God": What was so amazing wasn't so much that I was on target, but how the target made me feel from doing it. Now it all made sense, including the sketches that came with the rest of the data. Four of the seven sketches depicted concentric circles, and the first of such drawings is included here.

Remote Viewing Anomalous Phenomena: This world is a mysterious place. In history there have been many experiences, sightings, and events that remain unexplained. Today, with this continuing phenomenon of unexplained events, we are still riddled with questions and fear of the unknown.

Remote Viewing Targets The Resurrection - Fact Or Fiction?: What was this feeling that had overtaken me? What was this sensation that was welling up inside of me--that I could not shake, try as I might? I suddenly felt like a child, being embraced by a parent whose love was so powerful, whose grace and benevolence so great, that all that I had done before that moment in my life paled in comparison.

The True History of Remote Viewing As It’s Never Been Told Before: Not a week goes by that I don't have to correct someone about PSI TECH's background and the truth about remote viewing history. Historical facts may seem silly and trite to those of us who have been TRV practitioners for many years, but as time goes by, people forget what it took to bring this remarkable technology out of the confines of the military and into public awareness.

Remote Viewing Life After Death: The Mystery Unveiled: Of all the questions out there, there is one question that almost everyone has asked, or will ask, at some point in their lifetime: What happens when we die? Death is the biggest fear in the heart of man.

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