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Remote Viewing God, Religion, and Life / The End Game

An interview with PSI TECH's President

   For nearly two decades, the PSI TECH team has been on a journey that has brought the company’s principles face to face with answers to some of the most fundamental questions asked by man. PSI TECH's President has operated as Vice President and President, Primary Remote Viewer & Project Manager for PSI TECH for over a decade. In serving to fulfill the company mission, she has encountered many unusual discoveries as a result of her explorations of Intel gathering employing her skills and the company’s specialized Technology of Technical Remote Viewing. The discoveries include that we are not alone in the universe. We share this mystery called life with a vast assortment of intelligent, sentient beings. That there is indeed life after physical death and that we do possess an essence called the soul. Through extensive project work on optimum trajectories Joni has explored the conundrum of time, free will, and destiny. Each of these remarkable discoveries has opened up new avenues of perception and exploration, avenues that eventually led PSI TECH to the ultimate quest: the quest to answer one of the greatest mysteries of all time: Why are we here?

   This is an Interview with PSI TECH's President & TRVU’s Director of Training in August 2005. Interview by Kimberly Snow.

   We Are Unique

   Snow: With all of the work you’ve done on optimum trajectories, did you find a common thread that runs through all of the sessions that might indicate that there is a specific purpose for our species?

   PSI TECH: According to the many life trajectories and optimum trajectories that I’ve tasked my Remote Viewers with in addition to the trajectories that I’ve performed myself, it became apparent that there are broad variations with regard to individual life purpose. For example, some people had many paths of possibilities open to them. Some had just two or three, and occasionally I would see a person with only one path available. Those with only one path were rare, but they were the ones who were essentially assigned to a particular destiny and there was no wavering off their path. All of the different life paths were very diverse in course and purpose, and each path was intrinsically intimate and immaculately tailored to its person. It seems that each person has their own point of purpose and that there are no generalities that apply with regards to the specific individual purpose.

   Snow: Would you find out your purpose by using an optimum trajectory cue?

   PSI TECH: To discover a person’s individual life “purpose” the target is cued as “Name of person / purpose of life”. However when “purpose” is targeted as a general term and not specific to an individual person the target is cued “the Purpose of Life”. The latter example of the general cue rendered data that “purpose of life” appears to be quite different for different folks. There is one commonality that was found, with regards to human evolution, but generally speaking, it appears that people are here on earth and alive for different reasons. For example, in one case the data showed a woman with children at her feet pulling at her dress. Another showed a mechanic type person in his garage inventing something new. Another was a person writing. And it went on and on like this as if to point out the intrinsic uniqueness that we seem to overlook about ourselves.

   Snow: I find this to be a very important aspect of the data, because a lot of people would consider some jobs more insignificant than others, and this data suggests otherwise. For instance, in the example you gave of a mother with children tugging on her dress, a housewife for example, people might consider her job less significant than an inventor’s role, or a doctor’s role. And what you’re suggesting is that living a life that entails simply being a mom, and putting all your energy into that role, is as important to this world as being the President, or a brain surgeon.

   PSI TECH: What has always permeated the data with regard to these targets is that there’s so much more to our lives than we are aware. Human evolution is a grand project and each one of us is so unique. There are plans and agendas in place that provide destinies and meaningful purpose for our lives. All of which are immersed as blueprints in the Matrix. This isn’t chaos we’re experiencing, in fact, it’s just the opposite. It may appear to be chaos on the surface but when you start probing, you keep running up against this grand tapestry of plans. There are moments and incidents of chaos, like where the cards may land after they are thrown into the air but then you discover that the throwing of the cards was a planned event.

   Snow: And you never know who is going to make a difference?

   PSI TECH: People don’t realize because of their unconscious blinders. However, those who are going to make a difference are usually destined to do so. Perhaps in the case of somebody who is going to make a big difference, that person would be assigned a mother, who specifically has taken on her role to raise her child in a particular way. So her job has just become important. She might be the one you see in a session and question, “Her purpose is to only be a mother, that’s her optimum trajectory?” With TRV we can look at why her primary purpose is to ‘just be a mother?’ We find that the more our questions get answered, the more a grand plan reveals itself. A very comforting realization that we discovered was that we are not alone. I mean, we are really not alone. We have lots of company, and lots of help available to us.

   Snow: Are students who do sessions on their purpose in life able to recognize data which can help them not only identify what their purpose is, but also how to specifically achieve that purpose?

   PSI TECH: I was often surprised by the life purpose data that was gathered for or by others. I never saw one optimum trajectory or life purpose session go unrecognized by the person for whom it was intended no matter how surprising it seemed to me.

   Snow: Some say our goal in life is to increase the quality of life for others. Did you find anything in the data to indicate that this is true?

   PSI TECH: This is true for some and yet doesn’t appear to be very significant for others. However, the reason for this apparent inequality could lie in the eyes of the onlooker. It may be that the folks who are firmly on their course of evolution inadvertently increase the quality of life for others as they grow and inspire others. Therefore the idea to directly help others may not crop up as a primary role for them because their influence is secondary and the result of another activity.

   Snow: Is it bad to live your life with the primary goal of personal gain and wealth for just you, or your family? Is this selfish?

   PSI TECH: I think that it’s not our call to judge another persons goal unless their behavior is hurting people.

   Snow: I’ve read about billionaires who have every earthly comfort they could possibly dream of, and yet they’re miserable.

   PSI TECH: The TRV technology offers each individual the opportunity to look closely to see the differences between the billionaire’s misery and the poverty stricken folk’s misery. I have seen that misery is misery, and the fact that a person looks to another as if the other has something that they can’t have is more of a devolved cultural conditioning. To look to the external world for answers that apply to the internal reality is like looking to the question for the answer. This act only creates an endless cycle of frustration and produces no real answers. This destructive behavior has risen to epidemic proportions in Western culture. It reaps confusion and debilitating circumstances.

   Snow: What about when bad things happen to good people? Do these things happen for a reason? Do these bad events contain lessons for us to learn to evolve to a higher level? Or is it just random bad luck?

   PSI TECH: What I have found with regard to the appearing contradictions you present here is that one can not make sweeping judgments about the way things appear, and be accurate. It’s essential to be able to look at all the underpinnings and circumstances in order to understand why an apparent “bad thing happened” to a “good person”. As human beings, there’s so much that we don’t see or acknowledge, and to top that off we’re constrained to our present time as well. Each instance that I’ve used TRV to investigate seemingly unjust situations I discover a lot more information that always illuminates an underlying system of order that seems to keep track of everything. The discovered information is always recognized at some level by the participants involved as well--sometimes begrudgingly so.

   God amongst Us

   Snow: Based on TRV data, does God exist?

   PSI TECH: In my opinion, we have unmistakably confirmed that there is a higher intelligence and order to the universe.

   Snow: So how much of the Christian Bible is real?

   PSI TECH: Some of it appears to be real events and some of it appears to be story that people created over time. According to our research, the bible is story mixed with factual events.

   Snow: So is it a vital religious document for us to read? Is it important that we read it, for our spiritual development?

   PSI TECH: I don’t know if reading the bible is important or essential to spiritual growth. It certainly has created a deep and wide path in the Matrix, but I’m not so sure that it has lead all people to goodness and God.

   Snow: I understand you did a target of the week for your students to find out if God was the original author of the Christian Bible. Do you remember the session data?

   PSI TECH: Yes. We surmised that parts of the Bible were inspired by God, and other parts weren’t. The data just confirmed what we had already discovered in our previous in-house project.

   Snow: The translation of the Hebrew word for sin, or “chait”, is error, or mistake, or missing the mark (as in archery). If you have a purpose in life, and you never learn what it is in order to follow it, I would think that is sort of sinning in a way, according to that definition.

   PSI TECH: Most of the time the idea of “sin” refers to a particular doctrine in religion or law. However TRV offers a clean fresh view into your own mind, soul, spirit and destiny. If you don’t know whether you are sinning against your own intrinsic moral code then it is definitely time to get to know yourself better. TRV makes the process of self-examination accessible and immediate. It’s an excellent tool for self discovery.

   Snow: There are so many different forms of religion in the world. Are any of them the right one? For example, is being a Christian more right than being a Muslim, or Buddhist?

   PSI TECH: Once we become TRVers we broaden our view of reality. We can look to see what happened when and to whom. Then we can evaluate for ourselves which religion is the most fact based. As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve found that many of the religious incidents as they were recorded in their respective doctrines have pieces of fact intertwined with lore. It seems to me that as time marches forward these stories are interpreted according to the cultural acuity of the time. In my opinion it’s time to stop arguing over which religion is more accurate and look within to discover our own individual spiritual code that is written within each of our unique blueprints in the Matrix.

   Snow: Who was Jesus Christ? Was he really the son of God, or God incarnate? Is our only way to God through Christ, as some religions claim?

   PSI TECH: According to TRV data, Jesus of Nazareth was a very special person indeed. He was endowed with a special mission from God. How the events were recorded and what he said is in question. However when people TRV Jesus of Nazareth; they always have an emotional reaction to the tremendous love that Jesus carried in his heart for humanity. TRVers should continue to investigate the life of Jesus and his experiences and not just stop after only discovering that he was a real person. As far as being saved through him, that is personal and if I were to tell you about what I found out personally, I would be no different then any other person who proselytizes. The point is that TRV offers the opportunity for people to find out for themselves instead of relying on the interpretation and experiences of others.

   Snow: Are we supposed to be willing and obedient to God? Does he want that?

   PSI TECH: Like we would to a father I suppose but not to the point of not exercising our free will. I never got the sense that God was a tyrant.

   Snow: In other words, he doesn’t want us to be robots where we just love him because we know if we don’t we’ll go to hell.

   PSI TECH: No. There’s definitely a respect there, that we are endowed with free will to grow as we will. The thing that is so surprising to me in the data is that when we ask for help, we receive it. It’s whether we can see the help through our blinders that becomes our problem.


   Snow: Back to my original question about mankind’s purpose. When I asked if you had found a common thread in the TRV data that links us all with a collective purpose as a species, you said there was one with regards to our evolution. What is it?

   PSI TECH: The one general characteristic that appears in everyone’s path that I’ve seen thus far is that each individual is to manifest their life in their own unique and dynamic way - to live life to its fullest capacity. It’s here that the idea of ‘evolution’ always presents itself as a magnificent tapestry of a grand weave. It seems that the overall point to all human life on earth is to evolve on an individual level as well as a species.

   Snow: So to be fully in the moment?

   PSI TECH: Yes, that helps!

   Snow: So we’re talking about consciousness here. An evolution of consciousness itself.

   PSI TECH: I am reminded of one piece of TRV data that stood out which was how the universe reflects itself from the grandest to the smallest element. The largest part of the universe, the most complex activity, is also reflected in the tiniest single molecule.

   Snow: That reminds me of a William Blake poem: “To see a World in a Grain of Sand, And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand, And Eternity in an hour.” Why is this so important?

   PSI TECH: Why would consciousness be so important? When a child begins to develop his consciousness, anywhere between about five and six years old, he becomes aware and conscious of himself, as opposed to being connected to his mother. The moment that he becomes conscious, and realizes that he is separate from his mother, he starts to exercise autonomy and choice. When we as individuals begin to exercise choice we’re doing something different. We are exercising creativity that stems from hidden roots

   Snow: And only at that point can we truly express our free will?

   PSI TECH: Yes.

   Snow: When we can make choices.

   PSI TECH: Yes. That’s an essential piece of evolution. Each time we make a choice we should discover and grow more aware of ourselves. To know ourselves is to know God.

   Snow: I would think, also, that those opposing forces wouldn’t want us seeing things like a child--seeing a reflection of God and the complexity of his plan in even the smallest things, and in each other, as a species--because it brings us closer to an understanding that everything is connected, and that if I hurt you, you’re hurting me.

   PSI TECH: Oh yes, every time we don’t learn from something, we loose the power to do anything about it. That is how an adversary wins by stunting people from growing. As people engage in a systematic brainwashing they subject themselves to ignorant tactics that eventuate in an implosion of their own personal energy.

   Snow: What’s the end game? What’s the prize? I mean, if we follow this purpose to its end, to the end of evolution, what do we have? An ultimate awareness of the connectedness of all things? That everything is connected?

   PSI TECH: Everything is connected and we are all by virtue, pieces of God. We are pure drops of God. The interconnectedness is a given. The lesson is that each piece of God experiences its own unique personality. It’s like the stem cell. We start out as a little piece of god and then we actualize into personalities and characteristics that make each piece dynamic and different. We are Gods children.

   The Future

   Snow: The next evolutionary change in human beings, the next leap, do you think it will be a physical leap?

   PSI TECH: You can’t really separate physical from mind. We think we can, but we can’t. Once we affect one, the other is affected. So, yes, I think it’s going to be a leap of consciousness, but it will also affect the body.

   Snow: Do you think it will be just a small group of people? Or do you see it as an evolutionary leap of our entire species.

   PSI TECH: It would have to be a species leap for it to be evolutionary, although it starts with a small group. It’s already started. You see how quickly remote viewing spread?

   Snow: So in addition to recognizing and honing our intrinsic uniqueness, it’s important to focus on the moment, focus on living life to the fullest in the moment, and become more aware of the little things around us. Seeing the universe in a leaf, for example. Would that be a step in the right direction for people who are asking, “You guys have seen this TRV data--how can I start to evolve? I want to reach a higher level than I am now.”

   PSI TECH: That would be the way. Everything that happens is important. It sounds overwhelming, but it’s true. It’s not only that some things are important. Everything is important. Everything you do. Every moment you live. It really is a gift to be here.

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