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Remote Viewing History Revealed!

The True History of Remote Viewing As Its Never Been Told Before

by PSI TECH's President

      Not a week goes by that I don't have to correct someone about PSI TECH's background and the truth about remote viewing history. From media sources who want to write about this amazing technology, to the throngs of new students who find their way to our doors. Historical facts may seem silly and trite to those of us who have been TRV practitioners for many years, but as time goes by, people forget what it took to bring this remarkable technology out of the confines of the military and into public awareness.

       I thought I would write this article to set the record straight, and for the first time name the names and provide the dates of what happened and when. I don't wish to bore you with a history lesson, but as more and more people make this or that claim about their expertise as remote viewers or instructors, its nice to know the true background.

      PSI TECH is not only responsible for remote viewing's entrance into the marketplace, PSI TECH created the remote viewing industry. Before 1995, the general public was not really aware that such a secret program even existed. You see, PSI TECH which was formed in 1989, was about to come out with a book, and this caught the attention of certain folks at the C.I.A who really didn't want the public to think this stuff worked as well as it did. So what could they do to counter this? Go public and come out with their own story first. Lies wrapped around truths is the weapon of a proper disinformation campaign. If you want to create the proper spin, you hire the best P.R. firm in the country and make the story sexy and believable. Then you pepper it with doubt, and experts who skew the public's opinion enough so its not taken too seriously. That's exactly what happened, when Nightline's Ted Koppel did its piece on the CIA's version of remote viewing back in 1995.

      PSI TECH kept plodding along, doing its corporate projects and training high level individuals in the skill. Certain aspects of the technology were never released to the public and many of PSI TECH's project files remain classified to this day.

      This historical report was compiled from documentation in the PSI TECH files. It has never been released publicly before because it reveals names and dates of the people and events involved in the story of remote viewing. To those of you who object to your name being presented here, I apologize, but the truth must prevail to conquer the many falsehoods that have succeeded in confusing the public. The cloud of confusion has given birth to many fraudulent claims of remote viewers and remote viewing itself. This Technology to too important to be lost because of misinformation. PSI TECH is committed to its mission to keep the science of remote viewing pure, so it is time to set the record straight again.

      So here it is - "The true history of PSI TECH's Technical Remote Viewing with the real names, events and dates."

The Military Researches PSI phenomena and coins it "Remote Viewing"

1970: The initial research program, called SCANATE [scan by coordinate] was funded by CIA. Remote viewing research began in 1972 at the Stanford Research Institute [SRI] in Menlo Park, CA. This work was conducted by Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff. The effort initially focused on a few "gifted individuals" such as New York artist Ingo Swann. Many of the SRI "empaths" were individuals who appeared to show potential. They were trained and taught in various test methods to use their talents for "psychic warfare." The minimum accuracy needed by the clients was said to be 65%, and proponents of the program claim that in the later stages of the training effort, this accuracy level was "often exceeded."

1976: General Edwin Thompson forms Detachment G, aka: project Grill Flame.

1977: INSCOM becomes operational as an Army Major Command (aka: MACOM.)

(The History Of The US Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM))

1977: GONDOLA WISH was an Army Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence (ACSI) Systems Exploitation Detachment (SED) effort to evaluate potential adversary applications of remote viewing.

1978: Building on GONDOLA WISH, an operational collection project was formalized under Army intelligence as GRILL FLAME located in buildings 2560 and 2561 at Fort Meade, MD, GRILL FLAME, (INSCOM "Detachment G") consisted of soldiers and a few civilians who were believed to possess varying degrees of natural psychic ability.

1979: The SRI research program was integrated into GRILL FLAME and hundreds of psychic (aka: remote viewing) experiments were carried out.

1981: Brigadier General Albert Stubblebine, III departs as Commander of U.S. Army Laboratory Command (aka: LABCOM) to assume Command of INSCOM.

1982: CPT Edward Dames is briefed on the existence and mission of Detachment G and becomes one of their primary customers for his intel gathering.
  • Dames is admonished by LTG. Odem (Army ASCI) for using RV to bust open Soviet Bio Weapons program.
  • 1982: Ingo Swann discovers breakthrough RV protocols to support intelligence collection. (The set of protocols that are the backbone of PSI TECH's Technical Remote Viewing.)

    1983: The Gateway Course: As a general prerequisite to the program (also as a part of INSCOM's enhanced human performance program) INSCOM sent PSI SPY recruits to the Monroe institute in Nellysford, Virginia for out of body indoctrination.
  • This is the location where the Soviet Psychic Team happened upon during their search for the US PSI SPY project, missing the actual operational team. The Soviet team fingered (erroneously) Bob Monroe himself as the head of the program and began psychic probes of his mind.
  • Remote Viewing becomes a learnable skill and goes Operational in the Dept. of Defense

    1983: Ingo Swann contracted to train four US Army officers and one female civilian. Their names were: CPT. Tom McNear, CPT. Edward Dames, CPT. Paul Smith, CPT. Bill Ray, Charlene Cavanaugh (who later married Brigadier General James Shufelt, DIA.) (Only Dames & Smith continued to participate as remote viewers in the DIA's RV unit - they later trained Mel Riley, Lyn Buchanan, Gabrielle Pettingell & Dave Morehouse.)

    1984: General Stubblebine retires and Major General Harry E. Soyster takes over INSCOM.
  • Edward Dames uses his newly learned RV techniques to access the Soviet Defense Council (he is later awarded a medal for this feat.)
  • 1985: DIA takes control of PSI SPY unit from INSCOM. It is renamed CENTER LANE under the command of Dr. Jack Verona who was the DIA's Scientific & Technical Intelligence Directorate. Verona covets the RV unit as his own hip pocket tool and does not read on other intelligence program directorates to the project.

    1986: CPT. Dames is assigned as the RV unit's "Training Officer."

    1987: The unit is tasked by the DIA to track down any SE Asia POWs in support of General Shufelt, who was reporting daily on special congressional hearings prompted by Ross Perot.

    1988: CPT. Dames replaces Fred Atwater as the RV unit's "Operations Officer."
  • Verona assigns Dale Graff as the administrative head of the RV unit. Graff recruits two DIA clerks to act as tarot card readers and channelers in the RV unit. They name their activities ERV (extended remote viewing.) The unit becomes split between the ERVers and the remote viewers.
  • Remote Viewing is ushered out of the military and into the private sector for safe keeping

    1989: Dames quits the RV unit and is reassigned to INSCOM.

  • Dames founds PSI TECH and recruits the former and current remote viewers left in the RV unit as subcontractors. (Mel Riley, Paul Smith, Lyn Buchanan.)
  • 1990: General Bert Stubblebine (now V.P. of Intelligence Systems at BDM Corp) is appointed Chairman of the Board of PSI TECH.

    1991: (October) UN Team approaches PSI TECH for help in locating Iraqi Bio Weapons facilities.


    1991: Edward Dames retires from Army Military Intelligence as a Major.

    1992: Dale Graff takes PSI TECH issue to DIA high council with intent to shut it down. Council won't touch it with a ten foot pole. (Note: Consider the irony of team members being more valuable to National Security outside the service, than inside.)

    1992: Ingo Swann acts as consultant to PSI TECH

  • PSI TECH is commissioned by private funding to investigate the Crop Circle Phenomena.


  • PSI TECH relocates its headquarters from Maryland to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

  • Col. John Alexander (then Information Director of Los Alamos Labs) becomes a consulting Director on PSI TECH Board of Directors.
  • 1993: Courtney Brown is trained in TRV in PSI TECH's first one week TRV training course. (Courtney later writes a book called Cosmic Voyage. He then changes the TRV protocols he had learned at PSI TECH and opens his Farsight Institute. There are many Farsight students' spun off schools selling bastardized versions of RV.)

    1994: Jim Schnabel (a former CIA Analyst) is trained at PSI TECH and later produces a documentary called "The Real X-Files" and a book called "Remote Viewers" (the book is not entirely accurate.)

    1994: Dames and Joni Dourif become PSI TECH business partners. Dames is President, Dourif is Vice President. (They are also engaged to be married.)

    1994: In Sept. PSI TECH relocates its headquarters to Dourif's home town, Beverly Hills, California. PSI TECH continues to work government projects and private corporate contracts and also opens a nine day TRV training course in Beverly Hills training office.

    1995: Major Dames becomes a regular guest on a popular all night talk radio show that brings much publicity to the topic of remote viewing.

    1996: PSI TECH develops first videotape based TRV distance learning programs.

    1999: Dames and Dourif relocate PSI TECH's administrative offices to the Maui Technology Park in Hawaii.

    2000: Dames and Dourif split up and Dames resigns from PSI TECH.

    2000: PSI TECH strikes up partnership with Mind Tek Research (A spin off cell of the former giant ZYGON INTL.)
  • PSI TECH moves administrative headquarters to Seattle Washington.

  • ZYGON Founder, Inventor & Entrepreneur, Dane Spotts becomes PSI TECH's CEO.
  • 2001: PSI TECH begins construction on a think tank research facility in rural Hawaii.
  • Dourif & Spotts get married.
  • 2001: PSI TECH releases a new extensive accelerated learning TRV training on videotape format.

    2002: PSI TECH opens TRVU, an innovative high tech online university offering the most detailed and advanced TRV training available.

    2003: PSI TECH continues to work select projects with in house professional Technical Remote Viewers.
  • Developing new advanced high tech hardware to facilitate TRV training in a semi-passive learning state.

  • Developing Advanced techniques to apply in various high interest investment strategies.

  • Working with Seattle based Research facility to assist in the development of cures for gene based inherited illnesses (i.e. Huntington's Disease.)

  • Preparing for move to Think Tank Research Facility in South Pacific.
  • What Happened to the rest?

  • Many of the researchers have written books about remote viewing when it was still in its research phase.
  • Dale Graff has written a PSI related book but he was never trained as a remote viewer.
  • Joe McMoneagle was the main subject for their research prior to 1983 and he has written a number of books. He married Bob Monroe's daughter and lives and teaches at the Monroe Institute in Nellysford, Virginia.
  • Lyn Buchanan opened his own company called Problems> Solutions> Innovations in 1993.
  • Courtney Brown opened the Farsight Institute in 1995 - (there are many Farsight spin offs as well.)
  • Paul Smith opened RVIS, Inc (Remote Viewing Instruction Services) in 1997
  • Paul Smith also helped found the International Remote Viewing Association in 1999.
  • Gabrielle Pettingell died in an auto accident in 2002.
  • Edward Dames sells a game called Mind Dazzle in partnership with a former PSI TECH student.
  • Ingo Swann is still an artist and an author living in NYC.

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    Crop Circle Teaser: It is good that the crop circle anomalies are coming to the forefront of public focus, but is it being presented accurately? The crop circles are a real conundrum that we have studied and unraveled as an in-house project, using Technical Remote Viewing.

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