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The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus

Using TRV to find a purpose.
by Lani A. George

   In February 2005, I added several targets to my blind pool, including "Jesus Christ/ Crucifixion and Resurrection / Primary Purpose." Easter was coming up, which made me think of it (although my church, the Eastern Orthodox Church, celebrates Easter this year on May 1, which tends to be a source of confusion to "western" Christians).

   To be honest, when I pulled the target to work on April 8, 2005, I had completely forgotten it was in my blind pool of targets. I usually have anywhere from 40 to 60 in my blind pool, including anywhere from 5 to 10 targets pulled from the TRV University pool of targets, which helps keep me from anticipating what the target might be. My target subjects range from religious targets, to targets dealing with unusual phenomena, extraterrestrials (all right, yes, I am really curious on this subject, although I can't say I've ever actually met one), significant historical events and people, optimum trajectories and the like. I try to keep a wide range of subjects in the pool at all times.

   When I started the session, I suspected instantly it was a particularly strong signal line, or spike in the matrix. I began to get ideas and concepts almost immediately, such as "light" and "angel", which I declared as imagination and tried to ignore. When ideas present themselves in the wrong places in a session, they must be declared as imagination and ignored. If these ideas are legitimate data, they will resurface later in their proper places. However, the emotions that came through were very strong and included "amazed, wondrous, surprised, fascinated, happy, astonished, grave, serious, fearful, joyous, awe, reverence and hope" among others.

   My sketches were filled with spirals, but not a lot of physical detail, which you would expect from a more conceptual target. As I got deeper into the target, interesting ideas began to surface. From facing the target, I got the concepts of "ethereal, spiritual, ongoing, embarking and 'like a journey'".

   When I looked at the scene from the most significant aspect of the target, I received a flood of ideas, namely: centered, serious, grave, "portents", spectacular, glowing, radiating and 'like a star'. At this point, I began to think I was looking at the Star of Bethlehem, and declared that as imagination and moved on.

   My next movement was to look at the source of the target. In this sketch I drew a myriad of dots, and in the written data got data of "interconnected, intertwined, 'like points of light', 'like souls' and 'like sparks.'" I am not sure what to make of this, although I tend to believe I was looking at not just God, but the "Kingdom of Heaven" with its many inhabitants.

   I went into the last movement, the purpose of the target. Here I found tangible "objects" of: life forms and people; and ideas of: troubles, cares, concerns, manifestation, the past, placated and centered. There were also other ideas of 'like a lifting of spirits', 'like there's no substance in this', 'everywhere and nowhere' and 'long ago.'

   While in this last movement I wrote out the question, "from the message to be downloaded from the Target Site" and got an instant flood of data, namely: peace, caring, kindness, a start, a finish, beginning, promise, God, man, worship, prayer, display, "Bethany", forgiveness, repentance, necessary, 'like warding off evil', 'like a display of power and love', 'good will towards men', 'the relationship is the most important' and 'it is more important than bread or comforts.'

   There were many, many instances of what was believed to be imagination declared as such throughout the session, but looking back, I think there are some of these ideas and thoughts that are significant. They include: light, angel, transparent, earth, wings, energy, Trinity, stairs, people, from above, salvation, message, 'gods are placated' and 'today.'

   Finally, the word "Bethany" confused me. I recognized it as a name in the Bible of a place. But I was expecting "Bethlehem", as I had declared as imagination more than once the Star of Bethlehem. So I went onto the internet and looked it up. This is what one web site had to say about it (my words are in brackets and inserted for clarification purposes):
   Bethany was a small village on the southeastern slope of the Mount of Olives, less than two miles from Jerusalem. Archaeological evidence confirms that this village, on the road from Jerusalem to Jericho, existed in the first century A.D.

   When Lazarus fell seriously ill in Bethany, his sisters sent for Jesus. [He] and his disciples [arrived in] Bethany four days after Lazarus had died and been buried, thus eliminating any other explanation of his reappearance [the Bible states that Jesus rose Lazarus from the dead].

   Finally, when Jesus was about to return to his Father from the Mount of Olives, [he had already been crucified and was now among his disciples again after his resurrection] "He led them out as far as Bethany, and He lifted up His hands and blessed them. And it came about, that while He was blessing them, He departed from them." This home in Bethany, so often opened to Jesus, now became the place from which he would leave the earth to return to His Father's "home."
   When I read this, I got chills up and down my spine. To me, this session validates the resurrection and its purpose as stated in the Bible. I realize that some of you who read this may differ in your interpretation, and that is okay with me, since the overwhelming message is one of love and caring. I hope you find this as inspiring as I did.

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