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Help Wanted: “Omega” TRV Candidates

PSI TECH establishes a real life “Omega Team”.
by Dane Spotts, CEO

   What if you were invited to join the best team of Remote Viewers on the planet? To explore new futuristic technologies, address global concerns, work government and high-level corporate contracts, investigate real-world anomalous events and help advance human consciousness?

   I am looking for 10 candidates this year to join PSI TECH’s newly formed Omega team of remote viewers. You don’t have to move to the jungle (where the Matrix Research Center is being built) or quit your job. This is a part time gig that allows you to participate in world-class research and Remote Viewing projects. To participate you do have to be among the best skilled in the world. Before I get into the specifics of what the Omega team will work on, I want to ask: what constitutes the “best of the best” as far as remote viewers are concerned?

   What makes a TRVer?

   PSI TECH has trained thousands of Remote Viewers over the years, including people from all walks of life. What we discovered is that there are 3 basic types of Remote Viewers who come to us to learn this skill. They are:
1) The Tire Kickers

2) Casual Users

3) Psi Warriors

   The first group (the “tire kickers”) are the curious types or seekers who want to see and prove to themselves that this amazing skill really works. If it really works and such a mind technology is really possible, it means we humans have much more potential than we acknowledge. Just knowing this down to your toes can be a mind-blowing thing. So the “tire-kickers” might install the skill and do it for a month or two, discovering that the technology is real, and then they shelve it.

   The second group (lets call them “casual users”) constitute the bulk of PSI TECH’s trainees. They install the skill because they want to learn about their future or they have a specific area of interest they want to investigate. They are excited and usually do well with it initially, but only use their skill on an occasional basis. They may participate in PSI TECH’s Target of the Week projects and maintain a casual interest, but they take their personal skill no further than necessary other than to find out what they want to know.

   The third group (“psi warriors”) are members of an exclusive club. A kind of top 1% club. They are the very best at it, because they use it. Some do as many as 2 targets on a daily basis. They are continuously working to improve their skill by working a variety of advanced targets and getting more training. Some do go professional and offer their services for money. Others apply it in their profession or vocational fields. These are few indeed, because it requires enormous discipline and dedication to build to this skill level, and then maintain competency by investing the time necessary to maintain their professional level.

   It’s this group that PSI TECH’s training division is working to develop. And it’s this “warrior” class of folks that we are looking to recruit for our Omega team, which truly are the best of the best.

   Are you ready?

   So do you want to become an Omega? Are you “warrior” material? If you think you are and want into the Omega group, here is what you have to do: first you must be a TRV University graduate with advanced training skills already installed, or demonstrate a superior TRV skill potential. In other words, either you are already in the top 1% category or have the potential to be with a bit of additional training and a willingness to dedicate the time in your life to becoming highly skilled. If you are just starting out, you can still become an Omega by just working out your “psi muscle” each day until you reach the skill level of warrior class Remote Viewer.

   Someone who was just starting out with the basic tape training once asked me how they could become one of the best Remote Viewers in the world. I said to them, “it’s very simple… just do it.” Easy to say perhaps, but very hard to do. Why? Why is it so hard to become the best of the best? Because it requires work and commitment. Would you honestly expect to become a world class swimmer with only 2 months of practice? Of course not. This isn’t any different. You are working a muscle the same way as a bodybuilder would—a bodybuilder who puts in hours each day to tone and shape their body.

   If you are dedicated enough, and after you have been fully trained in TRV (installed the skill so it’s a reflex), then about a year’s worth of training working at least 5 new targets each week would put you at or near the “warrior” class. If that sounds like too much work and commitment then you probably aren’t ready or have sufficient motivation to join the Omega class.

   Take the challenge

   If you think you are ready now or wish to be, drop me a line and I will put you into my candidate database. You will be tested on your skill level as part of the application process and must demonstrate a proficiency level on a range of a calibration targets. Lastly, you must be willing to work on classified projects some of which you may not be provided feedback on. (Of course if you are good enough of a Remote Viewer you can figure out what the project is about). Sound like fun?

   Oh, and just what do you get for all this effort and work? Well for one you get to work on and participate in some amazing and futuristic things that have the potential to change the world as we know it. Second, you will be among a class of Remote Viewers than can charge fees for your services, even though the stipend reward offered by PSI TECH for your participation will be minimal. The real value in doing this is for the love of doing it. Just like an Olympic world class competitor who trains and competes because he loves the sport and wants to be the best at it.

   Some of our current projects involve new forms of energy that will take us off fossil fuel dependency, life extension (we have been working this for a little while and have made some astounding breakthroughs), the new psi development project including advanced protocols for mental telepathy and much more.

   Here is how to apply to become an Omega Team member. Write me a letter and tell me about your TRV skills, and why you think you are or can be qualified to join the team. And please enclose one complete session using the following TRN’s:


   I look forward to reviewing your work.

   Scan your session and email it to

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   One group of people have the special skill known as Technical Remote Viewing, which allows them to penetrate any enigma, observe any event, anywhere in time or space. In pursuit of a missing child, they turn their attention to crop circles appearing all over the globe. The origins of these mysterious formations have eluded mankind for centuries... until now.

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