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The Universal Mind

Finding the future in the most unusual places.
by Dolores Allegue

   The string of boxes with my sessions kept growing with pages of sketches, summaries, analysis, lively discussion amongst the participating TRV students and of course the very strict and detailed critiques by Joni correcting our papers (and on occasions granting a gold medal to the most accurate and outstanding session produced during the week).

   At first glance, these boxes are just boxes with papers like any other filing cabinet system in the world. But there is something more about these boxes. What I have found is that there is a lot of information buried in these sessions that keep coming unexpectedly to the surface.

   Although these happenings were classified in class as intrusions, and supposed to be discarded from that specific target session, they nevertheless have appeared in a session before they happened in real time! For instance, the TRV Target of the Week (TotW) #69 apparently described the recent Asian tsunami before it happened. The session was done blind. The cue was posted on the TotW deadline date and was: Pacific Rim "Ring of Fire" / Current Trajectory. The students "downloaded" via the TRV protocols information relating to an event that evidently was to form part of the future trajectory of this area of the Pacific.

   Then I realized my boxes contain information not only pertaining to the target at hand, but also predicting major world events on geographical subjects! The most difficult part for me is to understand why those major events were spontaneously visualized in these sessions. Is this a way in which a benevolent Matrix, or universal mind is warning us of impending disasters and communicating it via TRV? According to the laws of science, this should not be happening-but it did happened more than once and it keeps on happening at PSI Tech.

   Scientists are studying a new approach to the Universal Consciousness, utilizing computers to predict future events. But I think the human mind is the perfect media to make contact with the Universal Consciousness. What do you think?

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Remote Viewing Targets The Resurrection - Fact Or Fiction?: What was this feeling that had overtaken me? What was this sensation that was welling up inside of me--that I could not shake, try as I might? I suddenly felt like a child, being embraced by a parent whose love was so powerful, whose grace and benevolence so great, that all that I had done before that moment in my life paled in comparison.

Remote Viewing Guardian Angels: Recently Jeff Lucas tasked a Technical Remote Viewer with a blind target that felt so intensely personal to her that she considers it to be the most fascinating remote viewing session she has ever worked.

Remote Viewing The Afterlife: "What Happens When We Die?": For the first time, a tool has been able to penetrate the unseen events which take place at the moment of death. Using Technical Remote Viewing, a formerly classified intelligence collection tool, our Special Operations Team targeted the death event, specifically to determine what happens after a person dies.

Remote Viewing News : Technical Remote Viewing Found Her Missing Ring: Locating a missing item in one's home is one of the easiest things a person can do after becoming proficient in Technical Remote Viewing, and one of the most practical applications of this profound skill.

Gestalts: Unwrapping The Package: During the many years of research on remote viewing at SRI and in the military remote viewing unit, it was discovered that there were basic gestalts that were consistently produced when beginning a remote viewing session.

The Practical Applications of Technical Remote Viewing: Technical Remote Viewing is a data collection tool that allows a trained individual to download from the collective unconscious, or Matrix, direct knowledge on any person, place, thing, or event, in not only the present time, but the past and future as well.

Cuing Technical Remote Viewing Targets: Let's say you wanted to verify a "UFO experience" someone believes that they had. If you cue the target: Jane Doe/UFO encounter, you may run into difficulties. First of all, what if it was not a "UFO"? All you know is that you had an unexplained experience.

Imagine if You Could Do This...: Upon realizing that they have the ability to successfully remote view, every person who learns TRV is forever changed. Their paradigm is dramatically shifted and their horizons are expanded. Abilities that they had always been told were impossible are suddenly possible. Their lives will never be the same.

How Technical Remote Viewing Works: The refinement and development of the process did not end in the laboratory. In the Defense Intelligence Agency's unit, these remote viewing procedures were tested against top secret and distant targets often involving life or death situations.

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