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What Makes an Ideal Human Being?

Living a life full of sound and fury
by Kimberly Snow

   What makes a perfect human being? Is it compassion and kindness? Goodness and decency? Unconditional love for our fellow man? Perhaps it's unselfishness, or piety? Since the dawn of civilization, man has strived to perfect himself, emulating those who have achieved greatness. Cultures across the globe have written vast amounts of amazing literature containing guidelines to enlightenment and perfection. But with so many guidelines out there, how do we know for sure which ones are the most important to follow?

   I wanted to know. I wanted my own set of guidelines- guidelines not found in documents written long ago by cultures radically different then our own; guidelines not given by factions who translate ancient religious texts to suit their own agenda. I wanted a rulebook of my own- guidelines that would let me know what to strive for as an optimum human being; rules on how to live life with the ultimate goal of becoming what God wants us to become, to reach our full potential as a species. I wanted to be sure that I was making the necessary preparations to fulfill my potential in God's eyes. Was I acting appropriately? Were my personal paradigms about God's ideal human being correct? Could I be doing more?

   But how could I find out the truth? I decided to go right to the source. I decided it was time to pick the brain of God.

   When I tasked my peers with the target, "God's idea of the perfect human being/for current times," I wasn't sure what kind of data I'd get. Would it show me that dedication to God is the ideal? That obedience and faith lead to righteousness? Would it tell me that I must go to church every Sunday, confess my sins, or be baptized in order to be his ideal child? Or would the data perhaps show that a life at harmony with nature is the ultimate ideal for our species? I was soon to find out.

   The participating TRVers were given the target blind. They didn't have any idea what the cue was, but they were informed that it wasn't a personal target for me specifically. TRV data, as always, never fails to amaze me. The following is a compilation of their session data.

A First Look

   The first viewer, Jonathan C., is an excellent and experienced TRV student with a varied and extensive vocabulary. Because of his ability to draw on that large vocabulary, his data is always fascinating and specific.

   The initial target contact produced data on a lifeform who was in awe and wonder, and yet experiencing angst. There was the sense of trying, striving, emulating, in a vast ethereal place. As the session moved from the general to the more specific, the emotions of the lifeform became excited, with a kind of longing. There was the idea of inadequacy, coupled with the word "inherited".

   The viewer next perceived data of a spiritual nature: "worship". The activity at the target site produced a sketch of a lit candle, and was accompanied by emotions of longing and passion. Three notable intangibles were "eligibility" and the idea of "sustain" and "maintenance". The viewer felt heroic while perceiving the activity at the target site, and the intangibles of practical and sensible appeared. A very telling piece of data was "keep trying until you do it right." Also, "a building block". Ideally, we should always be evolving, building on what we've made ourselves into. This analysis would also fit with the data he perceived of "like a stairway", as we continue to climb the stairway to spiritual perfection.

   The viewer next did a movement from the top of the main event at the target site. At this point the emotions perceived at the target site were that of "deep emotional contact." Other data included "like in search of it," "a dual romance", "a need to articulate", and "saturation." Along with these intangibles were two very telling pieces of data: "Create with me" and "filled up with it." This to me was some of the most significant data, as it implies that the main event in the life of God's ideal human being should be the act of creating, and that the process of being filled up with life, taking it all in, saturating yourself with the moment is ideal in his eyes. There was more raw data of "ethereal", indicating that this event is a spiritual one, affecting the ethereal as much as the physical. An interesting analytical overlay worth mentioning here is "harvest". This data has appeared in other PSITECH projects, but that's for another story…

   The viewer's next movement was "the most significant aspect at the target site." The viewer perceived intangibles of drama, and again the idea of saturation. Playfulness was mentioned, and the sense of liberation. Our ideal selves were "bigger than one thought." It involved the universe itself. We "seek the order of things." We are a species "packed with energy". There is mention here of "Kabbalistic", which means having a secret or hidden meaning, which could be a reference to our soul. An amusing analytical overlay worth mentioning is "it can be dirty work." More descriptors of the most important information at the target site included wisdom, unusual, and anomaly. We are "like a meteor", "crashing through time and space", "trying to get out" (perhaps a reference to the limitations of our physical vessels, as there was also data of "like a person in a capsule").

   The viewer also did a movement from the mind of the most important person at the target site, which produced data of "you have to make the best use of it", and "nature has made it". I believe this is a reference to doing the optimum with what you have been given. Also, there was the data of "string them together to make a story", which ties in with "incidents" and "memory", stringing together your experiences with your memory to weave your life story. I'd like to note here that in PSITECH's life after death project, they did discover that two angels come at the moment of your death; one takes your mind, and one your memory. I believe that the mention of incidents and memory in this session are important in that it is the quality of those incidents and memories in the human being that make all the difference.

   Finally, the viewer did two movements to perceive angelic guidance at the target site. The word "archives" came up, and "there are lessons you have learnt", "take them with you", "everyone is frail-all try the best they can", and "only God is really doing it." It is amazing data in light of the cue, and rather self explanatory. Additional interesting data included "a two-way door; some enter, some exit", and "it is made especially for you," "grow into it", and "all consuming-letting go." Life here on earth is indeed a two-way door, we come into this world as a babe, and we exit when our time is through. Perhaps "it is made especially for us" refers to this process of life, the coming and going, the growing into it and trying your best-that the process itself is made for us, for the evolutionary development of our soul.

   The viewer did two sessions, and the second session also produced data of a "drama". There was the initial data of a journey, an amalgamation. The lifeform was driven and excited, balanced in his interactions in the drive for variances and solutions. There was the emotion of caring, with the data of "family tradition", but "a new version-updated." Perhaps this relates to the ideal human being as being one step up in evolution, a new and improved human being.

   The most significant aspect of the target produced data of "put your mind to it", "it leaves you feeling healthy", "it concerns how you use life energy", and "a built-up force." The ideal human being is a "paradox". We are like the "voices of imagination". We "shoulder responsibility", concentrate on the details, then stand back and see the big picture. The ideal human has the curiosity of a child. We need to "explore it from all angles".

   The viewer perceived that there is a morality to be understood here. We must squeeze the truth out of life, but also take time to stand back and rest for a while, always going to seed ideas.

   The final "angelic guidance" movement included a reminder that we have bi-cameral minds. There is a "hereditary circuit" within us. It duplicates, and emulates. But emulates what? Perhaps God himself? A vital message that the viewer perceived is that we have a light within us that we have to tend to. "It will fade if you let it fade." I believe this is in reference to the eternal battle for our soul, as the viewer also gleaned data of enemy and battle.

   The final piece of his data that left me to ponder is this: Conquer consciousness!

Shining More Light on the Situation

   The second TRVer that participated in this target, Dolores A., has been with PSITECH for a long time. She's a dedicated student with a propensity for clarity and simplicity. Much of her data corroborated with the first viewer, but she also had rich additional information.

   The initial contact site revealed a lifeform in focus, but also remorseful. The lifeform was in a "busy bee" environment, in a natural setting. There was the emotion of guilty at the target site.

   The next movement brought interesting data into the session. The viewer wrote, "There is something that is floating like in heaven, and waiting for a landing at the target site." I believe she was making a reference to our souls awaiting entry into this world, as mentioned in the previous viewer's data of a two-way door. Like the first viewer, there was data in this session of a passageway or door, "like going through a test door."

   The lifeform was excited, with the data of inspirational. There was the mention of an old fashion church organ, which could indicate religion as playing a factor, especially in light of the first viewer's sketch of a lit candle with the data "worship". It would appear as though the ideal human being has a sense of spiritual dedication which would include prayer. At the center of the target site the viewer had various kinds of lifeforms who felt joyous, curious, and happy. The lifeforms felt almost as if they were being held inside a camp, which would corroborate with the first viewer's idea of being contained in a capsule, or stuck in these limited earthly vessels we reside in.

   The viewer's next movement was to look into the target's purpose. The data revealed that life is like a trial, a trial being conducted here on earth. The ideal human being is one who is focused on that trial: alert and focused on the moment. Again, as in the first viewer's session, there is mention of the possibility of losing something valuable, and that we should be on the alert for this danger. Perhaps this is a reference to the epic struggle for the survival of man's soul.

   The most visible marker of the target site was a movement that the viewer performed that seemed to produce data on the optimum environment for the ideal human being. This area was in a natural, pristine condition, like an oasis, or perhaps in a Garden of Eden type environment.

   Further data revealed that the ideal human is "housing something that is transient". Again, this could be a reference to there being a soul present within us.

   The most interesting data to me in this second viewer's session was the "busy bee" analogy. I am reminded of the biblical passage of Matthew 6: 25-34:
   "Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?"

   "And why do you worry about clothes? See how the lilies of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you, O you of little faith? So do not worry, saying, 'What shall we eat?' or 'What shall we drink?' or 'What shall we wear?' For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."
   One last notable analytical overlay that jumped out at me from her session was the word "sieve". Like panning for gold, a sieve is used to separate the riches from the rubble, the wheat from the chaff. We are on trial, and how we perform on trial makes all the difference. We must learn to make ourselves a sieve, filtering out the trash to find the treasure.

   Another viewer who participated in this target, Dennis A., is relatively new to the TRV skill (he joined in 2002), and yet within the few years he's been TRVing, he has excelled. Not only do his sessions provide rich and intriguing data, but he has also incorporated his TRV skills into the creation of an incredible new art form.

   He began his session by perceiving struggling, attentive people drawn together, gathering, caught in a flow of events like people caught in a current of a flowing river. These people felt encouraged, happy, and brave, accompanied by a sense of realization. The people had a sense of moving forward, and there was also the data of "containing them", which would corroborate with the other viewers' data on encapsulated, (again, a reference perhaps to our physical vessels). The initial sketch was of lifeforms floating and moving on wavy currents, and subsequent sketches showed those lifeforms moving first toward a center area, and then the river of lifeforms rose up vertically to a point, with the data of "vertical", and "ascent". The emotions of the people were calm, involved, and joy. As the viewer wrote in his analysis: There was the tangible of "people" at the target site and also during and after a transition which was mentioned as a transformation or transmutation of those people."

   The next movement was "from the most important person at the target site." The viewer felt astonished near this person, and the emotions coming from this person were serious, calm, and joyful, with a sense of desire. These emotions corroborate with the data from the other viewers. There was the idea of moving from one world to another, the "coming again", coming together, and the data of "embrace." The viewer then produced an amazing sketch with this movement. The river of rising people almost appeared as if they were a cape curving around this rising figure, and the figure had light/energy or projections coming off of the "head". I was reminded of Christ's thorny crown, or of an angel's halo. The accompanying analytical overlay from the viewer included "male", "spirit?", "God?", and "thorns". The data of embrace, combined with the idea of moving from one world to another, reminded me of the first viewer's data of taking it all in, and the second viewer's data of lifeforms coming down from heaven or another place to here.

   The viewer concluded in his own words that "the first thoughts I had about this session were as of the Christian 'rapture', the choosing of God's people by himself, and the assembling by a 'flow of events' to bring them closer to recognition of each other, finally elevated, 'transformation, transmutation' occurring, and they become removed from the world although still in it. They all seemed to know the timing and watched the panorama and the flow occur leading to a change that was introduced by a figure representational of GOD himself… perhaps Jesus… but the attention was evidently on the people within the session."

Painting a Picture of Creation

   The final participant, Dick Q., is a wise and soulful man who is also relatively new to the TRV scene but making splendid progress. He came up with two additional pieces of data I thought should be mentioned: that of "kindness" as being essential, and also the concept of "teacher"-an individual who helps others learn how to be ideal human beings themselves.

   So, can we live up to God's vision of the perfect human being for current times? After reading all the session data, I answer with a resounding YES! These aren't impossible ideals. Everyday we continue our heroic struggle to overcome impossible odds. I have learned through the TRV data that in our perpetual climb up the stairway of evolution, we must remember to not give up, we must continue trying until we get it right, to sustain and maintain the light within us, the light of our soul. There are lessons we must learn, and although we are fallible as a species, complete with frailty and angst, we can be the best that we can be with what God has given us, regardless of our shortcomings. It is the struggle itself that's important, our journey through the river, the trial of our life, a life which we must take in fully and embrace. We must saturate ourselves with all its glory; fill ourselves up by being conscious of the moment and the task at hand.

   We are the ultimate artists, creating our lives on God's canvas, writing our story in the collective book of an intelligent universe. He wants us to create with him, to fully participate in our struggle, a struggle that is as much his as ours, for as the angels suggested, "only God is really doing it." We must cherish that fact, see the sacred in the mundane, and worship him as our creator. Trust in the process of life. Come together as a species, work together, as a bee performs its vital work to create the perfect hive without selfish thought as to why it should, or how it should. It is the doing itself that is important, the desire and the attention to the task. Within each one of us is a hero who can overcome any odds. It is that hero that is the ideal human being in God's mind.

   Shakespeare had it wrong when he wrote, "Out, out, brief candle! Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more. It is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing." We are more than walking shadows. Our strutting and fretting is heard, and remembered. Our tales are told not by idiots, but by joyous, passionate, brave human beings whose sound and fury signifies everything.

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